1. Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?

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    Get to know me meme - movies [1/10]: Little Miss Sunshine

    A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning he doesn’t even try

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    The Official Hannibal Poster by Mondo - Available 2/13

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    just expressing my anger

    you forgot the most important one of all


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    The Avengers as a 70s cop show

    I’d watch this show.


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  11. He looks like Jason Priestly :P 

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  12. Top 10 Steps Singles

    I have loved Steps ever since I was six years old, I am now 21 and that love has not changed. To prove that I still heart the ABBA of the 90s I went to their reunion concert two years ago. Now I want to dedicate a post to them and my favourite singles from them.


    10. 5,6,7,8 (Step One, 1998) - This song was such a fixture to my holidays as a child, its so catchy and so are the dance moves. I recently danced to this at a society boat party at University and yes people didn’t object to doing the dance moves to this AND the Cha Cha Slide. 


    9. Last Thing On My Mind (Step One, 1998) - Their debut is basically what cemented them as “ABBA of The 90s). It was a perfect homage to Swedish group, I particularly loved Claire’s flared jumpsuit.


    8. Say You’ll Be Mine (Steptacular, 1999) - One word MOVIES. I loved them creating all these movie couples it was really creative. Plus all that gold. I like how they put so much effort into their music videos, a lot of people are just lazy these days. 


    7. Tragedy (Steptacular, 1999) - I love this song and once again for the catchy dance moves and also because of Faye’s dreadlocks!


    6. Deeper Shade of Blue (Steptacular, 1999) - Once again Steps prove their creativeness in their videos. There’s just so much bluuuuee. I really liked the way Lee looked as well - YUM. 


    5. Here and Now (Buzz, 2000) - I heart this song not for the video but for the song itself. I just love that its a proper pop song and it wasn’t as cheesy as some of their past songs. I also love Claire’s and H’s vocals on it. 


    4. Summer of Love (Buzz, 2000) - What I loved about this song so much was that it was so different to their past work and everytime I hear it I’m just singing away acting like I can salsa dance. And a plus the video was brilliant, it was well choreographed.


    3. Better Best Forgotten (Step One, 1998) - To me this was the original “Blue” video, once again the dance moves are really memorable and I just love how 90s it is in general.



    2. The Way You Make Me Feel (Buzz, 2000) - My all time favourite video from Steps but not song. I love the dancing, the costumes, Lisa’s blue braces ugh just everything about it! 

    Honourable Mentions 

    Heartbeat (Step One, 1998) 


    When I Said Goodbye (Steptacular, 1999) 


    1. One For Sorrow (Step One, 1998) - My all time favourite. The reason why I chose it as my number one was not only the song was so beautiful and both videos they made for it (US dance one was sightly inferior to the original). It was the fact that it brought me such find memories of my childhood. Christmas 1998 was the best Christmas I ever had, I was 6 and my grandparents spent it with us. For christmas me and my older sister were giver plastic microphones and stands and we went mental, it was the best present ever. There is a picture of us putting a performance on in our living room, with the tree in the background and we were wearing christmas cracker crowns on our heads and Baby One More Time was on in the background. The song we were performing was One For Sorrow. 


    Steps I salute you!!


  13. I’m so obsessed with this song been singing it all day 

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